On a Bed of Blue,  Video installation , Projection on the floor, 5 min, 2003

Video Installations

Revolutions, a four screen video installation,  2005

Migrations, 4 screen video installation, 2005

Life is Elsewhere, a four screen video installation, 2008

Massive Waves of Independence, DV, color, sound, 5 min, 2006 (Projection on the floor)

Stars of Urmia, Video installation, 2013

Cousins in Peace, part 1 & 2video installation,  2011

And no. 1Installation, 1995-99

A New Beginning, multi-screen video installation, 2011

©Farhad Kalantary,2016

Roads, multi-screen video installation, 2011

Entrance, Double-screen video installation, 2011

Uncles In Fiction, Multi-screen video installation, 2011

The Land of Honey, Multi-screen video installation, 2011

Places, Sound & Video installation, 2015

The Song of Warning , video Installation, 2020