Short Bio

Farhad Kalantary

Per Kvibergs gate 2

0478 Oslo, Norway

email: farhad(AT)

Farhad Kalantary (Tabriz, 1962) is an Iranian/American visual artist and curator working with the moving image. He Studied at San Francisco Art Institute (MFA, 1996) and San Francisco State University (BA, 1992). He has worked in the US, England, France and Germany and he is now based in Oslo, Norway.

Kalantary’s works are preoccupied with the poetics of everyday life as they explore the potentiality of the moving image. His main topics of research are the relationship of sound and image, the link between place and perception, along with the space of the cinematic versus the painterly.

His recent shows include a major solo exhibition at The Stenersen Museum in Oslo (2011) where he showed a 22-screen-video installation revisiting places from his childhood and family history, concurrent solo exhibitions at the City Museum of Oslo and Aria Gallery, Tehran (2015), a touring exhibition with The National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design – Norway (2013-16) and a broadcast of his film work through Arte TV in France & Germany (2011).

Kalantary’s works are part of the collections of institutions such as Museum of modern art in Stockholm and The Arts Council of Norway. He was the founder of TopFloor: Centre for film/video/digital art in Trondheim (98-01), which later became, and he is the co-founder and artistic leader of Atopia: film- & videokunst in Oslo (2003- ). more ...  >