Short Bio

Farhad Kalantary

Chr Bjønnes vei 8

1459 Nesodden, Norway

email: post(AT)

Farhad Kalantary (Tabriz, 1962) is a Norwegian visual artist and curator with Iranian/American background. He works with film and video installations, sculptures and art projects in public space.

Kalantary studied Installation and Filmmaking at San Francisco Art Institute (MFA, 1996), Film and video at San Francisco State University (BA, 1992) and video production at Laney College, Oakland (1987-89).

Kalantary works primarily in a non-narrative context combining the autobiographical approach with an investigation of formal and historical aspects of his media. His film and video works are concerned with the poetics of everyday life as they explore the potentiality of the moving image and the relationship of sound and image. His topics of research include the history of film and video art in Norway, and the ways in which different places influence our perception of the world.

Kalantary’s works have been shown widely around the country and abroad and they are part of the collections of Moderna museum, Oslo kommune and Public Art Norway-KORO. Kalantary also works as an organiser and he was the co-founder and artistic leader of the artist initiative Atopia: film-video kunst (2003-17) in Oslo. He lives and works in Nesodden.