still from: Stars of Urmia, video installation, 2013

©Farhad Kalantary,2014

Short Clip from Stars of Urmia, 2013 (Documentation)

Premier at Høstutstillingen 2013, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo,  14 Sept - 13 Oct, 2013

HD video, 5 min, Color, sound, 2013

size: Varies

Stars of Urmia is a video installation with its visuals composed of several layers of rotating imagery moving with varying speeds and directions.  

The original video showed the reflections of sun light over the salty waters of lake Urmia.  

But the digitally treated images of the installation have taken a step towards abstraction. The installation resembles a mono-color view of stars and space combined with the sound of shifting radio frequencies. 


Related work:  Anemic Cinema, (Marcel Duchamp, 1926).

Stars of Urmia