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And no. 1

And no. 1 video installation, Trondheim kunstforening, 1999

And no. 1 was first made as a 16 mm film installation (1995). It was shown at the Spring Show at The Walter and McBean Gallery of San Francisco Art Institute, and it received the Spring Show Award. An image of water dripping out of a tilted cup was on the looped projection. At the bottom of the screen real drops of water appeared to continue the movement and fall down from the screen into the same cup of water on the floor. Contact microphones inside the cup picked up and amplified the sound of drops. A water pump was used to send the water up to the screen. 

In And no. 1 The image of dripping water on the film becomes real water which then drips down and makes the sound of the work - almost in sync.

I later made a video version of the work that is shown above.