Short Clip from Opacity

still from Opacity, 16mm, color, sound, 7 min, 2005

Opacity,  Film & Digital Video, color, sound, 5.30min, 2005

Opacity explores a set of cinematic adventures through the use of camera movements, timing and juxtaposition of sound and image. Made between the years 2002 and 2005 it was “intended” to be a playful research film on sound and image interactions but along the way it accumulated many other ideas and accidents and the air of its own time.

The film shows architectural spaces that are devoid of people. Unstable exposures, shifting focus, and shivering domestic objects along with the constant change of lighting create the visual movements of the film.

The sound track is a mixture of noise with segments borrowed and adapted sound from films like Hitchcock’s “Psycho”, Tarkovsky’s “Mirror” and Fincher’s “Seven”.

Opacity is a study of the relationship of sound and image, and the distance between eye and ear. On a more narrative way Opacity follows the emotional diagram of a 90’s action film but devoid of all actors.