Studying with artist/filmmaker Ernie Gehr at SFAI (1993-6), his Serene Velocity (1972) was the starting point of my Dialogue. I wanted to point out the motion within a single frame created by rapid camera movements alongside the movement between frames that he had created through the stop-motion filmmaking.


stills from: Dialogue, 16 mm, B/W, Silent, 1995

Animating a wall of bricks

vibrating images of a brick wall

in conversation with “Serene Velocity”

where is the movement?

Where does the image move?

My 16 mm camera was facing a brick wall & shooting

When I projected the image on the same wall it became the attack of the image against the wall

Could the image remove the bricks of the wall

Animated bricks

Oh my bricks


Short clip from: Dialogue, 16 mm, Reversal B/W film, 1995