A Million Times

This red glossy post-card carries a transparent slogan: Down with Capitalism! It is written almost invisibly with varnish as “ink” on a glossy red surface. The card is a reminder and a hint of the paradoxical conditions of present-day critical thinking. All has melted into air. All such ideas are already commodified.

Without the worries of any regrets one can rightfully say “Down with Capitalism”. One has to say it out loud, A Million Times, Down with Capitalism!  But immediately afterward and regardless of how loudly one had pronounced it, one will have to claim its copyright. It is the copyright and not the responsibility of the statement that is demanded/desired/expected today.

Such is the paradox.

With the help of many great friends this project was launched simultaneously in Berlin, Gothenburg, London, Oslo and Trondheim on the first of May 2012.

Many thanks to Maziar Raein for his generous help on the design of the postcard.

A Million Times